How To Create Windows 10 Bootable USB Drive

In this guide you will learn how to create Windows 10 bootable USB Drive.

  1. First you need to Download Windows media Creation Tool from the official download link:


When you start the installer this window will pop-up.

On the next window you need to accept the License Agreement.

On the next window you need to select Create installation media (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file)

for another PC.

On the next windows you need to untick Use the recommended options for this PC

In this window from Architecture Drop down menu you can select 32 or 64 bit.

I suggest to select Both option here.

If you do not have enough free space on your (C:) drive this message will pop-up.

On this window select USB flash drive

Select drive from the list. In this case there is onli one available flash drive inserted in the system.

Windows will download need files on your (C:) drive.

After downloading the Windows Media creation toll will proceed with media creation.

And the final window. Your USB flash drive is ready.

Thats it.