How To Manually Stop A Service If Not Responding

In this article you will learn how to stop a service that is not responding in Windows Services Manager.

Step 01:  Click WinKey + R or right click on Windows Start Menu and click on Run.

Step 02: Type services.msc and press Enter

Step 03: In the Windows Service Manager window right click on the non responding service and click on Properties. (For this tutorial I am going to use Apache Tomcat Service)

Step 04: Identify the service name

Step 05: After finding the service name open the command prompt with elevated rights and type sc queryex [service name].

In our example the command will look like this: sc queryex Tomcat9 and click Enter.

Step 06: Look for the PID

Step 07: Now in the same command promt type the following command: taskkill /pid [pid number] /f

In our example the command will look like this taskkill /pid 1260 /f  

Step 08: Click Enter.

SUCCESS: The process with PID 1260 has been terminated.


Thats it.