Tips & Tricks

Screen Rotation Shortcuts for Intel Graphics

The rotation feature of Intel graphics drivers allows you to rotate a monitor or display’s entire image to one of four orientations. The image can be rotated 90°, 180°, 270°, and 0° (Normal).

The rotation feature may not be available if your computer manufacturer has disabled this feature.

All versions of the Intel® Graphics Control Panel support Hot Keys. These keys, when pressed, have the ability to automatically rotate your screen without having to go into the Intel Graphics Control Panel. By default, the hot keys for rotation are as follows:

0 degrees (normal/upright): Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow
90 degrees (quarter turn clockwise): Ctrl + Alt + Right Arrow
180 degrees (upside down): Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow
270 degrees (quarter turn counter-clockwise): Ctrl + Alt + Left Arrow