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How to overburn a disc with Nero Burning Rom

In this tutorial you will learn how to overburn disc with Nero Burning Rom

The Overburn option is used when you want to burn data larger than the disc capacity than the CD/CD-RW would allow you to write.
You can overburn discs only if you have Nero Burning Rom 6 or later.

Setting up overburn option

1.  Open Nero
2. Go to File -> Click on Options

3. Click on the “Expert Features” tab
4. Check the “Enable Disc-at-once CD overburning”

5. Set “Maximum CD Length” to 99 min 59 sec 74 frm (850 MB CD)

If you want to overburn a disc of 800 MB, you must set the maximum CD length to 82:59:59

Nero version used for this tutorial: